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Our philosophy and approach:


Each project has a unique origin point – a unique client, expectations, budget, context and constrains. We start by understanding the brief and the requests of the client. The parameters of the project can sometimes be challenged and changed from their beginnings in order to achieve a project that satisfies more than just the utilitarian aspect of it.


Constraints to Opportunities

At Adamian Design Studio the Unique constraints and limitations brought by each project, regardless of their nature, are regarded as opportunities to be more creative and innovative. Since they make us do further research and bring to light an equally unique design solution that would not have been achieved otherwise.


People at the core

We believe that Architecture can alter behaviors and lifestyles. This core human centric value drives our commitment to deliver a design solution that challenges conventions and the status quo. We strive to create building designs that are a synthesis of design, function, venture capital as well as a sustainability and green building practices which ensures a better living environment for the coming generations.


Principal and Founding Partner

Varouzhan Adamian graduated from the SciArc's M/Arch2 program in 2013. After working in different firms on various project types ranging from mixed use developments to aviation projects, he is currently more focused on residential and housing projects as well as commercial and public projects. Varouzhan has worked over 4 years outside the United States and since 2011 in United States on both private and public sectors as well as participating in a number of international and domestic Architectural and design competitions. He is well versed in all aspects of the Architecture industry starting from Schematic and concept development to construction documents and construction administration. he can fluently work in metric as well as standard measurement systems. In 2021 Varouzhan and his spouse Lernik Hayrapetian founded the practice Adamian Design Studio and continue to contribute to the improving of the living environment.   

Ceo and Founding Partner

Lernik Hayrapetian having a bachelors’ degree in design and a masters in classical music studies , brings a high level of professionalism to the studio. Her astounding spatial understanding and sensibility combined with logical functionality makes her a true asset on any given project. She has experience working on a variety of projects ranging from small scale interior design and TI to large scale commercial and mixed use projects both inside and outside the United States, as well as offering her technical skills in design and post production work on international architectural competitions. Music being perhaps one of the few other art forms that combines mathematical logic with the beauty of a melody that originates from the soul is highly similar to the practice of Architecture; hence her education and training in music finds a new home and venue to express itself in Adamian Design Studio. Her positive attitude and high  energy always makes the hardest moments of a project a breeze.

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