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Throughout history lighthouses have gained prominence in human history, acquiring a crucial importance beyond the basic function of a warning facility: suggesting dream, adventure, fascination and mystery. The objective of this competition however was to assist in a preservation effort in order to save this particular historic lighthouse in Syracuse -Italy by designing a hotel in the vicinity of the lighthouse. The income from the hotel would help fund the repair and preservation efforts for the historic building. In order to add to the incentive for the future visitors of the project, we created a sculpture garden in the semi closed inner courtyard, which would be filled by contemporary sculptors and artists works. Since there were breathtaking views to the ever glistening Mediterranean sea from nearly all sides, the circular shape was selected as basis for our form finding, providing equal stunning views while utilizing solar panels both as shade casters as well as rendering the project independent of the power grid.

Location Italy                 City Syracuse                  Year 2015


Area  N/A                      Client Competition entry   Status N/A                        


Typology Hospitality


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