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All ancient cultures and nations of the world had deep beliefs and connections to creation,nature, cosmos and ultimately life itself, and the one thing in common in all of these concepts was eternity and limitlessness. Starting from Latin american ancient cultures of Maya and Aztec to African, and various cultures in Mesopotamia.This sense of infinity and connection to the universe has manifested itself through various symbols and handicrafts of those people. We have dug deep in the old and rich culture of Rwanda, and their manifestation of the eternal and married it with the specifics of a Catholic chapel design. with this concept we have striven to develop an example of a harmonious transition from the old to the new, utilizing and transforming many of the internal symbolism of Rwanda, which is evident from their traditional baskets to their patterned motives in their textiles as well as their traditional methods and building techniques. 

Location Rwanda            City Rukomo                              Year 2019


Area  N/A                       Client Competition entry             Status N/A                   


Typology Public-Faith based

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